Jancy Whiting

She finds time to create while taking care of her two little boys and enjoys spending time with them and her husband.

She found a love for textile art first when she discovered macrame and started making plant hangers which led to learning the art of woven wall hanging.

  • Woven Wall Hangings

    With a variety of styles and designs, woven art is a perfect way to add warmth and texture in your space. With many different techniques and materials each piece  is an extremely unique way to decorate.

  • Macrame

    Macrame is a unique and natural form of textile art that adds texture and character to any decor. These beautiful and intricate designs can be the perfect neutral addition or pop of color to any space.

  • Embroidery

    A slow and intricate process brings together each stitch in an embroidery piece. Each individual piece has a unique design that tells a different story. With many different colors and styles, each piece is unique in its own way.

  • Wood Decor

    Handmade picture frames from recycled barnwood are a beautiful accent to your decor. With many different designs you can find the perfect original art piece for you.


Creating art is a very therapeutic and individual experience and process. I find inspiration through nature and each unique color and texture within it.

The fibers I create with are also very original in themselves and are a major source of inspiration within each piece.

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Wool, recycled cotton, alpaca, velvet, mohair, silk, banana yarn, and driftwood are all major materials in my work. Art yarn is an addition to my artwork that brings the pieces to life. This hand-spun yarn is carefully prepared and spun by myself, as well as other artists and adds a completely unique element to each piece.

Behind the Materials

The wood that I use to hang macrame pieces and some woven wall hangings is found on a farm in Wyoming. My macrame string is made from 100% recycled cotton. Much of the yarn I use is from sheep in the Eastern United States. To find out more about the materials in a certain piece please read each item description or feel free to reach out to me for more information.


The process of creating each individual piece is a very detailed, slow, and unique process. Each woven wall hanging usually starts with a sketch, but sometimes I allow inspiration to guide the  piece as it comes together. Macrame pieces are usually inspired by the piece of wood that is being used, and the design is slowly unfolded as the piece comes together.